How I reached a Personal Record PR

Recently I was able to put in a personal record, known as a “PR” in the athletic world, for the half marathon run of 13.1 miles. (1:51.42). Not bad considering I’ve been running since high school… some 34 years ago! (ouch!)  My goal was to break two hours, a legitimate “runners” time. Only once before did I accomplish that, a few years ago with a unusual and suspect time of 1:57. The normal time for many years and many races has been 2:02-2:10.   Yesterday, I smashed that mark by a significant amount, and am now setting my sights for more improvements. Thinking 1:45?

As I reflect on how this goal was reached, I continue to realize that the success system that I’ve been experimenting with all these years (I am the human guinea pig in my scientific experiments), has finally been perfected and is proving itself over and over again. I have to tell you, it is really exciting. I believe I have assembled together critical elements to a success and goal achievement system that can help anyone accomplish anything they want.  I know that sounds grand, but I am deadly serious. I’m using it in my running and triathlon training, my weight loss, my businesses, and funny enough, even in the writing of my two books. I am proving it. I am also using it in my coaching and business consulting, where I am seeing results everywhere.

My upcoming book (expected release June 2016) “Get it Faster-Keep it Longer” is a step by step system for doing exactly this.  Email me at and I will let you know as soon as it’s available, and I will have a special early order discount for you.

What made the difference? I have always known “what to do”. There is plenty of training advice to be found that tells runners how to train. Coaches, websites, magazines, books and more.  I have read that stuff for years. That was never my shortfall. For years I have put my training hours in. My “DOING” was always as recommended. What was missing was my  “BECOMING”. Once I learned the importance of “becoming”, and more importantly, exactly how to actually make myself “BECOME”,  did it all magically come together. I had to “become a sub two hour, 1/2 marathon runner FIRST! That’s right, you have to become what you want before you accomplish your goal. Over the past several months I became that type of runner- before I even got to the starting line on race day.  As I ran the half marathon and my muscles ached all over and my gut felt like busting, I continued with the thoughts, and more critical the beliefs, that I am a sub 2hr runner. I am a member of this group. This is what we do- we run sub 2hrs. We run our pace when we hurt, etc, etc. The eventual results were a foregone conclusion! At the finish line, I wasn’t surprised as I had expected it. I already knew it.

This is crazy exciting! I am telling you that after 35 years of high level training, research, trial and error, and practice that I have developed a success system that really can get you anything you want! If you understand imike cover zz1t and if you follow it. I will be sharing this system with all who want it! I encourage you to sign up for my weekly updates. Get ready for my upcoming book “Get it Faster-Keep it Longer”. Those who sign up now will get a free e-copy of my co-authored book with the great Brian Tracy- available next month that has a summary version of my system. In them mean time follow my Blog and listen to my Podcast “Get it Faster”! (Ah, yea… I’m  BECOMING a Pod Caster)

Who do you need to become to accomplish your goal? Let me know! Please leave comments or email me.

By: Iron Mike Stone , MBA, RFC, Success Coach, Ironman




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