Limiting Beliefs? Surely Not Me!

I have spent nearly 30 years in business (sales and marketing), being trained by the top Investment banks in the world. I’ve studied high performance for endurance athletes, and I have been literally addicted to practicing personal development from the giants- Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, and many more.  I know the “secret” and I know the power of “positive thinking”.

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Further, I believe I have put together a unique short cut planning model to overcome your limits and accomplish your goals. I use this program for myself with great results. And I use it for those I manage and consult, as well as for those I coach. I have seen incredible results. If anyone understands limiting beliefs it’s me, or so I thought. (email me if you  want the worksheets- they work!)

How can it be then, that I have just had a breakthrough on a massive limiting belief that might well explain the frustrations I have been running into my whole life?  I will get to that in just a moment, but first there is an important lesson for all of us to remember. That is, never stop learning and trying to get better. There is no place of arrival. The elite pros of any industry or field continue to train and learn harder than the rest. The commitment to continually invest in yourself and constantly grow is critical. There is no place of arrival where you have learned it all. There is always more to learn.

OK, back on point. I recently spent four days immersed in Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within. Bar none, this was the most incredible event I have ever attended. Intensity – Entertaining – Enlightening – Life Changing. If you can find a way to go to one of these events, I urge you to do it. It is a great opportunity “to go to work on yourself”.

What I discovered about my beliefs is, I did indeed have a GLOBAL LIMITING BELIEF. It was something I always believed was one of my greatest strengths. Something so internalized that anything I did was wrapped up in this belief.

From my youngest days, I believed that you get what you fight for in life. Life is tough and you have to be tougher. Furthermore, you only can count on yourself. Its all up to you.

By outward appearances, this served me well. I have been a tough competitor. I’ve fought hard, never giving up. Honestly, the tougher the better. Just about anything I have approached, I approach as if I’m Rocky getting in the ring with Apollo Creed. (Yes- I love Rocky!)

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What I discovered however, deep into a heightened state of awareness, is that this viewpoint in and of itself, is in fact a global limiting belief. By BELIEVING life is hard, I attract a hard life.  By BELIEVING my business is hard, I attract a hard business.  By BELIEVING I have to fight to win, I attract fighting, frustration, stress, and conflict.  By BELIEVING that I’m in this alone, I am alone.  It only gets better. When this is your reality, you naturally need to escape, you deserve to escape. Where? Into unhealthy behavior- which I’ve been pretty good at, because, well I deserved it.

Yet, as an athlete and a student of self improvement, this is at odds with other beliefs of mine. It is at odds with what I have worked on and striven to improve upon. This is very common, most of us have various levels of this values conflict. Competing core values that pull you in different directions. The end result of values conflict is that you live in conflict and suffering.


My breakthrough was to flip this belief over. What if I believed that life was beautiful?  What if I believed that my businesses are beautiful?  What if instead of believing that  I had to fight to win, that I believed I had to love to win. What if instead of believing I can only count on myself, I believed that I can count on everyone?



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