I coach and train extensively on “becoming” and “doing”. These are the two work zones we must master. The video below is the Great Tony Robbins discussing raising your standards. This is what I call work Zone 1 “Becoming” or said another way: “I know what to do, but I’m not doing it”.  Very insightful. To make it easier, I took notes for you- just relax and watch.  Read the notes first. Watch the video.  ABSORB it. REFLECT on it.


Everybody gets their MUSTS. Not their SHOULDs.

You might not make your GOALS, but you will make your STANDARDS. Wants don’t get met, standards do.

Human beings follow through on who they think they are.  “I’m not that kind of person”! Really? When did you decide to accept that belief. When did you decide to accept that limit?

We adapt to be a certain way. Whatever identity we attach to ourselves, we live. We live who we think we are. Your identity = Your standards.

It’s not changing your identity, it’s about RAISING YOUR IDENTITY. Identify yourself in a new way. You will find a way. What are your standards/identity for: Your body, your money, your income, your health, your relationships?

Back your stardards with RITUALS. ***now we are moving into what I call Work Zone 2- “DOING”!***  Rituals is where the POWER is! Little things you do each day that after you do them you get so much momentum each day. Rituals define us.

example: If you are where you want to be physically you have very different rituals than if you’re not where you want to be.

Little rituals add up.  Success is not some giant event that just shows up. Its something that happens everyday.  Failure comes from all the little things you do. You missed the little stuff.

People are awarded in public for what they practice in private.


What are the results  in any area of your life that isn’t where you want it to be. What are the rituals you have in place on those areas. What do you want. What are the rituals that would get you what you want.


Do something with somebody.

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