A Short Course on How to Change your Beliefs.

Perception + Evidence + Time = Belief: How To Change!

Excellent explanation on one of the most valuable things a person can do to alter their lives and reach their full potential. Sadly most people will never realize how their reality (their perception of themselves, the world and other people, media, political pressure, opportunities in life, how people will react to them, etc.) is created entirely inside of them, and that it isn’t real, and that they can DESIGN their own reality. One that will make the completion of your goals and of the future they desire inevitable.

A Belief is not the truth. It is an Opinion. It is not a fact. It is a feeling of certainty- just a feeling.  Break them down!

A Belief is only a Thought You Keep Thinking! Focus wheel- When you don’t believe it. Softening your resistance.

And it would not be complete without the main man. TR.

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