The Law of Diminishing Intent

I see this with people who set major goals for the year. Let’s say they want to lose weight, write a book, or start a new business. Dreaming up big results can be emotionally satisfying and intellectually stimulating.

But getting started requires action. And that can be tough, even risky. After all, how can you…

  • make room in your schedule for the gym?
  • find the hours it takes each week to sit and write?
  • know if your new product has enough demand in the marketplace?

Those are all good questions. And they’re important to answer. But they don’t encapsulate the real risk. They don’t even come close.

The real risk is this: When facing these sorts of challenges, instead of taking action, we can coast on the good feeling of the dream without taking the necessary steps to see it realized.

The Law of Diminishing Intent says, the longer you wait to take action, the less likely you will be to take it. Jim Rohn originally noticed this phenomenon and coined the term.

Check out this article on four steps to take to overcome the Law of Diminishing Intent. It’s useful and interesting!

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