So, you’ve gone ahead and set big ambitious goals for yourself. Perhaps in your business, your health and fitness, your family, or community. Congratulations!Setting goals and thenstarting a plan of action are critical. However, I’m going to talk about what I call “staying in the moment”. This means not over focusing on the end goal during your day to day activities. Over focusing on your goal will only causes stress and anxiety. The goal may soon appear too far out. You may get fatigued, stressed, and discourage if you concentrate on how far you have to go. Rather the trick is to have confidence in your plan and then focus on the simple, achievable every day activities in the plan.

What do I mean by this? For example on your business/income– perhaps you’ve got a goal to double your income this year. You’ve set about designing a solid and well researched plan of action that you believe can accomplish this goal. Next, you’ve broken it down into smaller tasks, that will lead to the goal’s accomplishment. Key in on what you need to do today only to move down the right path. Maybe that means making three sales calls today. Or, perhaps it means completing a new course that gives you a new marketable skill.  Focus on just that activity. Do it and log it. “What we measure we accomplish!”  Develop “daily habits” around this activity. Do not focus everyday on the goal of doubling your income, that can cause you to feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Have faith that executing the small details will result in the successful completion of your goal. You almost have to block out the bigger goal as you go down the path. Develop a dual mind set- intensive focus on the task at hand or daily work, while reserving focus on the bigger picture for later.

As another example, perhaps your goal for health and fitness is to lose 30 pounds or more this year. What is your plan to get there? What can you do in small increments to ensure success of the plan. Focus on eating a healthy breakfast. Eating a low calorie light lunch. Drinking 8 glasses of water. Counting your calories and going for a walk. Then log this every day. Remember– “what we measure we accomplish!” Do not focus on how far you have to go or how slowly it seems to be progressing. Have faith that your small daily habits repeated day in and day out will dictate your success.

Of course there will be a time when you will need to evaluate your progress and adjust the plan if needed. Be aware of the difference between a plan that doesn’t work and your failure to properly and completely follow the plan. Often, it is our activities, or lack of activities, that need adjusting.

Here’s what I want you to take away from this:

“Staying in the moment” will energize you day in and day out. It will allow you to develop, manage, and focus on the daily habits that result in the successful accomplishment of your goals– no matter how big. (And please, please, please… make them them BIG, BIG, BIG!!!

Iron Mike Stone 12/7/17

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