Things That Fascinate and Motivate

Things That Fascinate and Motivate

I have written in the past about Warren Buffet’s strategy of making a list of 25 goals and then circling the five most important goals from the list. The “Oracle” recommends you eliminate the other 20 completely. This is an excellent approach. I certainly am guilty of working on too many goals at one time. His strategy will force you to  focus on your most important goals and you will likely experience better results.  It certainly seems to have worked for him.

There is a somewhat similar strategy that I recently learned from Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach. Dan is perhaps the number one business and entrepreneur coach around. Dan has developed a program that not only helps you focus on what is important to you (as he describes it, “things that fascinate and motivate you”), but goes beyond that by helping you eliminate what irritates you the most.   

Take a moment and think about that concept. Can you imagine eliminating things that irritate you and instead focus on things that fascinate and motivate you.  Imagine the fun you’d have. Imagine the satisfaction and joy of working you’d have if you could pull that off.

I think the combination of eliminating irritating things and focusing not necessarily on 5 important goals as Warren described, but rather on things that actually fascinate and motivate could be a breakthrough concept.

Take a listen and/or read the show notes of a recent podcast by Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish from 10X Talk. It’s useful and interesting.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Dan in this episode:

  • A tool for getting clear on where you are in your business, increasing your cash flow and growing your business 10x
  • Dan reveals the greatest way to engage another person
  • The secret to eliminating perfectionism and procrastination
  • The A-B-C Breakthrough Business Model: How to eliminate irritants and focus on those activities that fascinate and motivate you
  • Identifying the one game changer activity that can transform your business over the next 90 days
  • The 25-Year Transformation: A simple way to create a future full of breakthroughs
  • One action you can take to increase your capabilities and confidence
  • How to make your competitors your biggest customers and promoters
  • The 4 C’s Formula for achieving bigger and better results
  • What to do when your children face failures and setbacks
  • Becoming An Entrepreneurial Hero: “There is nothing that makes us more a hero in the eyes of other people than c________ and c_________.”

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