Transform Yourself Over Night!

One of the all-time most popular Christmas movies is Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. The main themes are widely considered to be redemption, compassion and forgiveness.  I certainly agree that these are important and obvious lessons in the movie.  
One other lesson that can easily be missed is transformation.  Notice how it is that Ebenezer Scrooge transforms his thinking, beliefs, and feelings in one night. And, by changing his thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, his actions change accordingly.
This is right at the heart of what I have been learning and studying. When we change our thoughts and our beliefs, we directly affect our feelings. Whatever our thoughts and beliefs and feelings are, will dictate what our actions are. And of course, what follows from our actions are RESULTS!  The most amazing part of this is that we can indeed change our thoughts and beliefs in an instant– just as Ebenezer Scrooge did that faithful night.
Scrooge changed the results in his life for the better by changing his thoughts that did not serve him. The old thoughts gave him negative results. By changing his thoughts to those that served him better, he was able to change his results.  Are there areas of your life that you would like to change the results in? Financial, Career, Personal, Health, Family, Spiritual—any area at all. I invite you work backward and consider the actions (or lack of actions), that caused your results. Then consider the feelings you are having that are causing those actions. And last, what thoughts and beliefs do you have that are causing those feelings.  Once you change your limiting beliefs, you may find that much like Ebenezer Scrooge, your results will change in an instant.

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