Who Are You Learning From?

Who Are You Learning From?

Can you imagine how valuable it is to learn from the best? Think about those lucky enough to learn from the most successful people ever– what an advantage they must have over the rest of us.  

Well– thanks to the powers of the the internet you can probably find training’s, speeches, books, and advice from just about any great achiever ever–  even those who have passed on (Socrates, Plato, Einstein, Edison, Steve Jobs… all available to you).  I consider Jim Rohn, one of the trailblazers in personal development and coaching, to be my top mentor.  I ‘meet’ with Jim over an hour each and every month. Yet, I have never met Mr. Rohn, and he had had passed on in 2009. What I do is absorb his recorded speeches, both on CD’s and video over and over. His wisdom has proven so very beneficial to countless of super successful people, including Tony Robbins. I encourage you to google his name and read and watch what you find. If you do, I am certain you will find more success at whatever is important to you.

I share a story Jim shared with me about a lesson he learned from his mentor:

One day my mentor, Mr. Earl Shoaff, said to me, “Jim, if you want to be wealthy and happy, learn this lesson well: Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

I must admit that this was a most challenging assignment. This idea of personal improvement and development was new to me. You see, Mr Shoaff said, “What you become is far more important than what you get.”  He continued, “The important question to ask on the job is not, What am I getting?– Instead, you should ask, What am I becoming?”

What you become directly influences what you get.  Think of it this way: Most of what you have today, you have attracted by becoming the person you are today.  Jim explained that he has found that income rarely exceeds personal improvement and development. Sometimes income takes a lucky jump up, but unless you learn to handle the responsibilities that come with it, it will usually shrink back to the amount you can handle. It is hard to keep that which has not been obtained through personal improvement and development. So here’s the great axiom of life from Jim and from Jim’s mentor:

“To have more than you’ve got…  become more than you are.”

I suggest you google successful people in areas you have an interest in. I further suggest you google ‘Success Coaches’ and learn from the accumulated wisdom of the ages. Check out a few of these links for some great wisdom from my Coach and Mentor Mr, Jim Rohn:

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