“Ignite Your Life” co-authored with my mentor Brian Tracy and others. Learn my “Self Coaching System” to High  Performance Breakouts.


mike cover zz1Very excited to announce a book publishing deal with Celebrity Press.  I have been selected to co-author “Ignite Your Life”,  featuring one of my all time favorite mentors Brian Tracy.  This book is expected to be another best seller by Brian Tracy and Celebrity Press.  Expected release first quarter 2016.  Early release copies should be available fourth quarter 2015. You will discover my self-coaching secrets to success and high levels of performance.  Discover the two work zones: “Becoming” and “Doing”.  Release early second quarter of 2016- email me to be placed on the notification list.

  “Keystone Thoughts”

Mike is finishing his book “Keystone Thoughts” .

This book is expected to be completed late 2017. 

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