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Welcome to the Art of High Performance Living Radio.  We believe that high performance living is more than your job or career– it’s a complete lifestyle and a mindset!  We speak with top Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Best Selling Authors, Athletes, Drs., Coaches, CEO’s, and the Pro’s that know!


9.  Leland Melvin: Astronaut, NFL Player, Author.  Takeaway: Grit: Ability to keep working day in and day out for some goal far off.

8. Dr. Joel Furman – 6 time  NY Times Best Selling Author,  Heath Expert.  Takeaway: Nutritional Excellence

7. Kaira Rouda – Entrepreneur, author on Entrepreneurial Living with Iron Mike.  Takeaway:
6. Meghan O’Sullivan, Dir. Geopolitics of Energy Project with Iron Mike Stone. Advisor to George Bush, Harvard Professor.Takeaway:
5. Best selling Author Michelle PW visits The Art of Entrepreneurial Living with Iron Mike Stone.  Takeaway:
4.  Engineer, Lawyer, and award winning Author Terri Lynn Coop on High Performance with Mike Stone.  Takeaway:
3.  A tribute to Veterans today on High Performance Living with Iron Mike Stone featuring WWII Gunner and Vietnam Paratrooper.  Takeaway:
2.  Scott Fischer, President of Advertising Firm Strategic Resources Inc. on The Art of High Performance Living with Iron Mike. Takeaway:
1.  Pam Stack, Author’s on the Air Radio CEO, Publisher, and author aficionado.  Takeaway:



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