Are We as Open-Minded as We Think?

Question your own assumptions, conclusions and beliefs

I am fascinated by the how we think. For years I never questioned my thought and beliefs and feelings. With work and study I have become pretty good at recognizing that I do in fact control my thoughts, which in turn dictate my beliefs and feelings. (and then… my actions/reactions/inaction’s and eventually my results- but again… another that’s for another day.)

Recognizing I control how I think, however, does not mean I’m some kind of thought expert. Practicing and implementing awareness and actually manipulating my thoughts to useful and positive thoughts that help me reach my goals and even more those thoughts that make me a better person continues to be a challenge. Sometimes just remembering that a thought I’m thinking is not helpful to who and what I want to be is difficult. Plus, where do these thoughts come from anyway? 

One of the crucial first steps in understanding how to think differently, is to begin with questioning our own assumptions and the mental models we employ. Check out this blog post: