Doing & Becoming

Do we know what to do?   and  Are we doing it?

This is how it all came together– back in 2011, for my first Ironman– Louisville Kentucky.  I had to “DO” the training, races, and other preparations necessary to get my body and health into the shape necessary to complete, arguably,  the most intense physical event possible. I also had to “BECOME” an Ironman. That is, I had to believe I was an Ironman and do all the things that Ironman do. I had to learn what those things were. I had to associate with those type of people. I had to act like them. I had to become like them.

I had to first become an Ironman in order to be an Ironman!

This process was an epiphany to me about what it takes to accomplish absolutely anything. 

As Jim Rohn says:  “The important question to ask  is not, What am I getting?– Instead, you should ask, What am I becoming?”   “To have more than you’ve got…  become more than you are.”













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