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 We believe that high performance living is more than your job, career, or your past. — It’s about living in the here and now with an independent lifestyle and a growth mindset!  Walk with us as we learn from those who are living the lifestyle of High Performance!  We speak with top Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Best Selling Authors, Athletes, Drs., Coaches, CEO’s, and the Pro’s that know!



11. Dr. Daniela Lamas:  Critical Care Dr. at Brigham & Womans Hospital, Faculty at Harvard Medical School   Author “You Can Stop Humming Now” Takeaways: Dr: “Even if you’re doing something   else, If you love something – you can find a way to keep it in your life”. Patient: “I know how to put the oar in one more time”.

10.  John Schenk:  Entrepreneur,  Agent, Author, with Iron Mike – Champions: 15 Inspiring Comeback Stories from Sports & Life.  Takeaway: 100% about the relationships you make

9.  Leland Melvin:  Astronaut, NFL Player, Author.  Takeaway: Grit & the Ability to keep working day in, day out for some far off goal. 

8. Dr. Joel Furman – 6 time  NY Times Best Selling Author,  Heath Expert.  Takeaway: Nutritional Excellence.

7. Kaira Rouda:  Entrepreneur, author on Entrepreneurial Living with Iron Mike.  Takeaway: Women empowerment
6. Meghan O‚ÄôSullivan:   Director of Geopolitics of Energy Project with Iron Mike Stone.  Advisor to President George Bush, Harvard Professor. Takeaway: Pushing outside of your comfort zone. Where you’re not comfortable– that’s where the real learning takes place.

5.  Michelle PW: Best selling author, Entrepreneur  with Iron Mike Stone.  Takeaway: Be patient with yourself. You’re precisely in the place you need to be.
4. Terri Lynn Coop:  Engineer, Lawyer, and award winning Author  on High Performance with Mike Stone.  Takeaway: Always play tennis with someone who can beat you.
3.  Steven Peri and Dean Davis: A tribute to Veterans today on High Performance Living with Iron Mike Stone featuring a WWII Gunner and a Vietnam Paratrooper.  Takeaway:  ~~Steve:  Honor an older person and work hard and give 110%.    ~~Dean: He who cares wins, Healthy living- eat clean and exercise. I did so many little things right that it made me superior to my competition. 

2.  Scott Fischer, President of Advertising Firm Strategic Resources Inc. on The Art of High Performance Living with Iron Mike. Takeaway: Turn fear around – fear can be beneficial to you or it can destroy you. Use it as a motivating force.
1.  Pam Stack, Author’s on the Air Radio CEO, Publisher, and author aficionado.  Takeaway: Read books 



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